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The Embassy of Belarus

   In 2009 Paul with a team of restorers and artists participated in reconstruction of halls of The Embassy of Belarus on 17th Maroseika Street in the Basmanny District of Moscow.This house was built to a design by Bazhenov for Colonel Khlebnikov. From 1793 the palace was the home of Field Marshal Count P. Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky, a hero of the Russo-Turkish war. The ceilings of the main rooms were decorated with paintings and moulded images of Rumyantsev's victories.





  For the first 25 years of the last century the house was owned by the field marshal's son, the famous statesman and diplomat Nikolai Rumyantsev, who moved here from St. Petersburg. Among his regular guests were the historian Karamzin, and the poets Zhukovsky and Vyazyemsky. Count Rumyantsev founded an important museum which later bore his name.

     In the 1840s the palace was bought by the Grachevs, a family of rich merchants. To this day the gates to the palace bear an enigmatic inscription 'Free from Billeting'. It can be simply explained - the calculating merchants had made a payment for the construction of a barracks in Moscow, and so were relieved of the duty to feed and house soldiers.

                                                                                                           Paul Atorin.

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